Kevin Neal Gardner: Berea Winter


These paintings began as a consideration of the relationship between tonal painting, such as the work of Vilham Hammershoi or Gorgio Morandi, and the subtle variations of white and gray as seen in a snowy landscape.  The work became a record of a specific time and place that includes the world immediately around me, but also personal experiences and influences, such as recent travel to Ireland and memories of the winters of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Snowscape, Berea (pronounced like Maria), 54 x 47, oil on linen, 2013

Tea and Oranges (with only a coincidental reference to Leonard Cohen), Tina Gebhart’s pitcher, and a stolen Daniel Garber, 27 x 34, oil on linen, 2013

5PM in my mid-century faculty rental with a view of the hills (only during winter),  47 x 35, oil on linen, 2013

Thinking about Joyce’s “The Dead” and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, and considering the hazy dominance of the past, 22 x 24, oil on linen, 2013

The Morandi Book and Tina’s pitcher, 20 x 20.5, oil on linen, 2013

Berea Winter

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