Kevin Neal Gardner: Berea Winter


Tea and Oranges (with only a coincidental reference to Leonard Cohen), Tina Gebhart’s Pitcher, and a Stolen Daniel Garber, oil on linen, 27 x 34”

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These paintings began as I considered the relationship between tonal painting, such as the work of Vilham Hammershoi and Gorgio Morandi, and the subtle variations of white and gray as seen in a snowy landscape.  The work became a record of a specific time and place including experiences and memories, such as recent travel to Ireland and the winters of growing up on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Snowscape - Berea, oil on linen, 54 x 47”

The Morandi Book and Tina Gebhart’s Pitcher, oil on linen, 20 x 20”

Joyce’s “The Dead” and the Abbey Theatre, oil on linen, 22 x 24”

5PM in My Mid-Century Faculty Rental, oil on linen, 47 x 35”